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Complaints that can be treated with a strengthening of the liver meridian:
Headaches, migraines, stiff joints, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, polyarthritis,
brittle fingernails or toenails, inelastic muscles and tendons, poor visual acuity,
muscle cramps, leg cramps, inelastic blood vessels, varicose veins, painful periods,
Tendon sheath inflammation, constipation, feeling of fullness, burping, vomiting, stitches
and pain in the side,tension feeling in the abdominal cavity, swelling belly, hemorrhoids,
tightness in chest, lump in the throat, complaints of the nervous system. Signs of stress, metabolism,
complaints of genital organs, eye problems, insomnia, less free flow of blood and qi, elasticity.

What belongs to the enlarged liver function circuit?
Muscles, tendons, blood, eyes, nails, nervous system, hormones, neck strain, groin discomfort.
Generally speaking, the liver blood and Qi energy is available wherever it straight
is needed. Liver energy moistened muscles, tendons, eyes, nails. This creates flexibility.
The digestive process is encouraged. The liver converts food into body substances.
It detoxifies everything that is foreign to the body. It helps to regulate a healthy menstruation.

Exhausted and still over-excited. Energy is jammed somewhere in the body.

Climate: Wind

Feeling: anger, quick irritability, range, defiance, sulking, bitterness, resignation, depression, nervousness,
one-sided views, fighting stance, and break-down posture, tensions in the body by
oppressive attitudes, overcharged, discordant states, negativity, mobbin, unkindness.
The liver acts as a "General of the Army" for drive and dynamics and flexibility.

Taste: sour

Element: Wood

The most important points::

Alarm point:  LV14
The point is pressure-sensitive and painful in case of liver disorders (swollen belly, indigestion)

Acute point:  LV6
By this point, acute liver ailments are treated
It connects directly to the liver
It strengthens the liver

Approval point:  B18
The point on the back activates blood and energy for healing

Yuan-point:  LV3
A yuan point is always balancing,
he assists in emptiness, weakness
and sedates (protects) in case of overheating
Helps with metabolic disorders, depressive moods, agitation, hypertension,
mollifies, eliminates blood stasis, expels liver wind, lumbago, urinary retention.
A "super point".

Luo point:  G37
Yuan Point LV3 is still further enhanced by the coupled Luo Point G37
(it couples bladder and kidney, which has a significantly stimulating effect)

Master point:  G34
The point strengthens muscles and tendons
and is as well as the alarm point painful when pressed

Tonification point:  Le8
The point reinforces (animates) the kidney function in weakness

Sedating point:  Le2 und  Le3
Le2 calms and strengthens the liver.

He-Point:  LV8
A He-point is a point of union between the inner and outer body.
A powerful energy goes directly inside the body to the organ.
LV8 has a direct healing effect on the liver organ.

The most common complaint patterns
For advanced. See also menu item "Pattern".

Liver – Qi – Stagnation

Tension in the upper abdomen, pain under the rib cage, because the stomach - qi and the spleen - qi
can no longer be supported by the liver. Sighing, hiccups, burp, dumpling feeling in the throat, irregular period,
tightness in the chest, changes in mood, jammed emotions, irritability

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Liver - Blood - Stagnation

strong pain in a particular place, swelling, lumpy menstrual blood, dark red tongue points:

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Ascending Liver – Fire

Red face, red eyes, thirst, bitter taste, constipation, dark yellow urine, irritability, eruption of rage, red tongue, especially at the edges, yellow, dry fur, fast, string-shaped pulse

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