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Complaints that can be treated with a strengthening of the Large Intestine-Meridian :
Intestine, digestion, abdominal pain, upper back, shoulders, arms, neck,
Diarrhea, constipation, intestinal sluggishness, colic, flatulence, cold limbs, swelling, nasal congestion,
Pulmonary symptoms, mucosal disorders, dental problems, gum disease
Immune system

Fibre: skin, mucous membranes, intestinal

Climate: Drought

Feeling: sadness

Taste: sharp

Element: metal

Most important points:

Alarm point:  St25
The point is in case of lung complaints pressure sensitive, painful

Acute point:  LI7
Also an acute point is:  LI1
With this point acute colonic symptoms are treated
For emergencies such as circulatory collapse, toothache, high fever
It connects directly to the colon
It strengthens the colon

Other names
Xi-point, column point

Approval point:  B25
The point on the back activates blood and energy for healing

Yuan-point:  LI4
The point has a balancing effect
it helps in emptiness, weakness
and sedates in case of overheating

Luo-point:  Lu7
Yuan Point LI4 is supported by Luo Point Lu7
(Couples lungs with colon, that has an evident stimulating effect)

Master point:  LI4
Analgesia (repeal) of the pain in the upper body (especially abdomen, back, head)
In addition, Master Point for acne: LI3, Master Point LI1 for toothache.

Tonifying point:  LI11
In febrile diseases, acne, allergic reactions, tennis elbow

Sedating point:  LI2 und  LI3
The point calms the colon
LI2 Clears heat of the large intestine

He-point:  Di11
A He-point is a point of union between the inner and outer body.
A powerful, healing energy goes directly inside to the colon.