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Kidney Meridian

Complaints, that can be treated by strengthening of the kidney Meridian:
Premature signs of aging (greying, hair loss, hearing loss, etc.)
Cold sensitivity, lower back pain, osteoporosis, bad teeth, weak knees, night sweats
hyperextensible joints, hot soles, ponderousness, rheumatic diseases, circulatory weakness
edema, period complaints, prostate gland troubles, effusions, swellings, urinary tract troubles,
menopause complaints,
kidney problems, dry tongue, dizziness, forgetfulness, weak sexual activity, menopausal symptoms
Viscous, cloudy urine means Yin deficiency (general weakness).
Pale urine, abundant means Yang deficiency (lack of activity, listlessness, unawares).    more...

What belongs to the extended kidney function?
Bone, bone marrow, teeth, body fluids, reproductive organs. Ears,
growth, hair, lower body orifices (bladder, anus)

Kidney meridian

The discomfort which can be treated with a strengthening of the kidney meridian:
Untimely signs of old age (Turn grey, loss of hair, treacly bondage etc.)
Cold delicacy, backache, osteoporosis, bad teeth, weak knees, night sweat
overstretchable joints, hot soles, sedateness, rheumatic tables illnesses, circulatory weakness
Edemas, control discomfort, prostate gland discomfort, outpourings, swells, urinary way discomfort,
Nephritic problems, dry tongue, dizziness, forgetfulness, weak sexual activity.
Change year discomfort
Thick, murky urine means yin ? lack (general weakness).
Pale urine, richly means yang ? lack (activity lack, listlessness, lack of drive). more...

What does everything hear to the enlarged functional circle kidney?
Bones, marrow, teeth, body juices, reproductive organs. Ears,
Growth, hair, lower body openings (bubble, anus)

The lung leads the breath air though in the body, but the kidney function takes it
as energy (Qi) into the body. The inhaled air causes with it a strengthening of the whole body.
Hence, a kidney weakness also leads to a reduced efficiency.

One can recognise a declining nephritic energy also by the hair.
Shining, strong hair indicates a healthy, powerful kidney function.

The kidney energy also nourishes the brain (a special form of the bone marrow).
A strengthening of the kidney energy promotes the intellectual movability.
And with that the ability to take new ways.

Excessive heat in the body (for example by too much hot food, too much permanent stress)
or too much dryness (for example by drink too little constantly) reduce the body liquids.

Climate: Cold

Feeling: fright-like, anxiously, half-heartedly, turned in himself, forever yesterday's
but also too much want (worcoholic)
Healthy state: Willpower, healthy self-assertion

Taste: salty

Element: Water

The most important points:

Alarm point:  G25
The point is with one of the above describrd complaints (i.e. in general weakness or activity weakness and this triggered complaints) pressure-sensitive, painful Other names

Acute point:  K5
By this point, acute symptoms of kidney function circuit are treated
(for example, back pain, effusions, etc.) It connects directly to the kidney
It strengthens the kidneys and has thus a positive effect on the symptoms described above.

Other names

Approval point: B23  B23
The point on the back activates blood and energy to cure the kidney meridian complaints

Yuan-point:  K3
A yuan point acts always compensatory,
he supports with emptiness, weakness (e.g., osteoporosis, night sweat etc.)
and sedates (calms) in case of overheating (eg acute, severe back pain)
So it's an extremely important point.

Luo-point:  B58
Yuan point K3 is additionally supported by the coupled Luo point B58
(Couples bladder with kidney, which has a significantly stimulating (tonic) effect)

Master point:  B11
The point strengthens bone, marrow, teeth etc.
and is (like the alarm point) pressure-painfully

Tonifying point:  K7
The point strengthens (animates, supportes) the Kidney-meridian functions in weakness

Sedating point:  K1 und  N2
K1 calms and strengthens the kidneys and acts beneficial for acute symptoms.
You shortly can massage the point on both feet.
This is very beneficial, just try it out once
(It is part of everyday health program for many Chinese).

He-point:  K10
A He-point is a point of union between the inner and outer body.
It is always a sea-point.
The point is called sea-point, because that is where a lot of energy (Qi) accumlates.
This powerful energy goes directly inside the body.
K10 has a direct healing effect on the kidneys and on the above described symptoms.

The most frequent complaint patterns
For advancers. See also menu point "Patterns".

Kidney – yin – deficiency

Not enough marrow for the brain:   Dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness
Not enough nutrition for bone:   Spinal and bone pain
Not enough energy: Body reacts with symptoms such as
sensation of heat in the palms, soles. Pulse weak, powerless, soft
Not enough body fluids: Red dry mouth, constipation, scanty, dark yellow urine, tongue red, no fur
Not enough defensive qi
(withdraws inwards):
Night sweats (evaporation by Empty Heat)

Points for kidney - yin - strengthening: K3, K6, K9, K10, in addition CV4

Kidney - yang - deficiency

Not enough warmth: Cold feeling in legs and back, aversion to cold
Not enough power: Weakness in legs and back
Not enough sexual energy:    Impotence, frigidity
Not enough liquids convert:    colorless, copious urine

Points for Kidney – Yang: K3, K7, zusätzlich: B23, B52, GV4, CV4, CV6

Kidney - essence - deficiency

Loose teeth, knee and leg weakness, hair loss, premature graying, weak sexual activity, back pain, memory loss

Points: K3, K6 addition: B23 (kidney energy), CV4 (essence), bone marrow (brain power): GV20, GV14, G39