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General comments on the treatment of points

The most important and most effective points are presented in the following.

Find those points that you think to be most effective for your treatment.
If available, press the points at the same time on both sides of the body.
You can repeatedly press the points every 10 seconds, but also constantly up to one minute.
You can massage it in circles or just press.
Try to feel what's good for you. Or you can coordinate with the person you treat. The latter can signal to you what he/she feels, whether a relaxing effect occurs, where exactly it's especially felt well, is it better to stay at the point a little longer etc. Of course, people are different and each person reacts possibly different, sometimes even the same person on different days. Sometimes it's good just to treat only the points that you have applied without constant communication. Ask your own belly-intelligence. The plexus of the brain next to the solar plexus is the main nerve center of the body and is also known as second brain or body feeling center. If you have been practicing this for a while, then it will signal to you what is right in every moment.
Keep arms and shoulders relaxed.
In difficult cases treat the whole thing for one week or more 2 times a day (Eg morning and evening) until a significant improvement occurs
You can also treat the points in between whenever you just want to relax the eyes.
Take a short break after each point of at least 2 breaths to trace the pleasurable effects. Maybe you already register some effects at the first treatment.
Breathe relaxed during the massage. In a relaxed breath, the breath deepens automatically. A relaxed breath has an additional calming effect. Keep your attention on the treated point and try to relax the area during treatment.

Points around the eyes

Points above


In a small indentation, where the nose meets the inner border of the eye. Massage slightly. Helps with long and short-sightedness, night blindness, eye redness, inflammation of the optic nerve, retinal inflammation, cataracts, forehead headache and migraine B2

At the inner end of the eyebrow in a small notch at the bottom edge of the eyebrow. Helps also in hay fever, eye pain, headache, blurry vision. B1 and B2 are the best points for all types of eye problems and for better vision! They also help many eye complaints. Extra point Yuyao

in the middle of the eyebrow in a small column. Particularly useful in overexerted eyes, mental stress, worries. TW23

in a small recess at the end of the eyebrows. Helps with headaches, migraine, poor eyesight, eye redness


Located in a small recess in the lower, outer, lateral edge of the eyebrow.

Helps with inflammation, temporal headache, migraine, veil in front of eye, short and long-sightedness, night blindness, green, grey star, conjunctivitis

Points below

Extrapoint Qiuhou

In the middle between G1 and St1 at the edge of bone surrounding the eye.


On the bony surface of the eye under edge in the middle of the eye (below the pupil).

An important point for all kinds of eye complaints.
Helps with short and long-sightedness, color blindness, night blindness, green or grey star and other eye problems, all kinds of visual impairment, conjunctivitis, inflammation and decrease of optic nerve


1 thumb width below the straight ahead looking pupil in a deepening
An important point for all eye problems.
Helps with aching eyes, dry eyes, headaches
Eye tension, short-sightedness, painful, reddened eyes, eye itching, conjunctiva-inflammation, clogged nose, nerve tensions.


just below the cheekbone, below St2

Fatigue of the eyes, nervous tension, visual disturbances of all kind, night blindness, short-sightedness, glaucoma, clogged nose, feeling of head tightness.

Points on the back head

The following items affect the eyes.


Directly just below the rim of the backhead

Helps with poor eyesight. Helps also the ears, the nose and the throat. Is antispasmodic and relaxing.


under the skull margin, seen from the middle of the neck behind the large neck muscle

Helps with eye tension, disorders, visual impairment, myopia, conjunctivitis

Special points

Taiyang gently massage

The extra point Taiyang is at the side of the eyes in the temporal region. Gently massage it for about 30 to 60 seconds.

The point can be treated with fingers or knuckles of the first or second phalanx in the inwardly bent fingers.


Massage this point or put simply the finger on it, just as you like it.
You can try it with light pressure, or simply put on gently. Try to sense the point. It is an important body point. It is Yintang.

It helps the endocrine system. This is the hormone system, particularly the pituitary gland.
With this system many body functions are controlled.
Among other things, the metabolism, the daily digestion process, also growth and reproduction.
This would especially help with eye strain, headaches and relieve hayfever.

Remote points


In the depression between the first and second Metatarsals on the foot.

The foot point helps in stress and feelings of tightness, headaches, sore eyes, eye disorders, blurred vision, eye pressure, cataracts, hangover


In height of the lower margin of the nose, vertically below the outer edge of the eye, below cheekbone

Helps with nervous tension, blurred vision


above the cheekbone

Helps with all kinds of headaches, anxiety, twitching and spasms of the eyelids and eyes. Especially when overworked, itchy, sore, dry eyes and side headaches.