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     General comments on the head
If you want to "make a clear head", then there are several treatment options available, depending on what you want to achieve and where the complaint is felt.
Is it mainly the back of the head, is it the side of the head, the skull, is it insomnia, nervousness, high blood pressure or is it a general exhaustion? Or do you want the head just "to energize"?

So choose from the following options.

More energy and performance
Forehead to free
Top of the head to free
Mind to free
Head side to free
Headache nervousness, insomnia, high blood pressure
Headache from general fatigue or weakness

After the appropriate treatment you will feel revitalized your head comfortably and pleasantly relaxed.

The acupressure points make the appropriate energy meridians in the head free.
They energize and harmonize the head. Jams are resolved.
Too much or too little energy is balanced each.

Unless otherwise is stated, press the points with 20 to 30 small circles. The relaxed breathing enhances the effect. Feel the effects shortly after each!
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