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How to recognise a physical complaint on the tongue?
Learn and apply Tongue diagnosis
   1. What does the tongue says about the state of health?
   2. Can you even make concluions to the body organs?
   3. What can you recognize from the color of the tongue?
   4. What can one recognise from the coating of the tongue?
   5. Can you also recognize something from the form of the tongue?
   6. How does the tongue look like in the state of a vigorous cold?
   7. Can you recognize heart complaints by the tongue?
   8. Can you recognize stomach complaintsfrom the tongue?
   9. Can you recognize intestine complaints by the tongue?
   10.Can you recognize lung complaints by the tongue?
   11. A complete list of complaint patterns with the corresponding appearance of the tongue
   12. Important additional information about what to do because of the actual condition of the body.
   13. A very interesting example of treatment
   14. What is with the Thyroid? How to read a disease on the tongue?

1. What does the tongue says about the state of health??

The tongue shows the health of a people even still more clearly than the pulse because the tongue remains independent of current variations by time of day, meals, etc.

One examines the following criteria in the diagnosis of tongue:

the color of the tongue
(Pale, red, red with dots, spots or thorns, dark red, purple, blue)

the shape of the tongue
(Thin, swollen (at the edges, at the top, the entire tongue area), rigid, soft, long, short, cracked, with teeth marks on the side, other characteristics)

the coating on the tongue
(white, yellow, grey, black, combinations)

(Dry, wet)

What looks like a normal tongue?

A normal tongue is pink to slightly red, has a thin, slightly transparent, whitish coating It is neither too red too pale, neither too thick nor too thin, and is flexible. It is not thickened at the edges, and has no teeth marks at the edges. It is equably, has no points, spots, or larger cracks. It is well moistend, but not too wet or too dry. Everything in mediocrity.

2. Can you even make concluions about the body organs?

Yes, you can see the State of important institutions on the tongue because the tongue can be divided into areas. Depending on the surface, shape, colour, moisture, etc. can be then on the State of each institution. It is this type of diagnosis now very many Western doctors and practitioners apply, because it leads to reliable results.

And thus the "map" of the tongue looks:


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