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Question There are not only 4, but 5 elements. What are they?
- Place 5 elements in a circle and assign to it the 5 items!
- Enter the 5 elements in the appropriate organs!
- Assign each element to the usual color!
- Justify the order of the elements!
- Explain what mother-child relationship means!
- Name the mother-organ of the heart!

The nourishment cycle

Reasoning and practical use
The nutritional cycle is used in emptiness, weak states:
Water nourishes plants and produces wood. (Kidney nourishes liver)
Wood can be ignited and fed the fire. (Liver nourishes heart)
Fire leads to ash and nourishes the earth. (Heart nourishes spleen)
Earth nourishes ores (metal). (Spleen nourishes lung)
Metal accumulates water. (Lung nourishes kidney)
Mother-child relationship:
If the child is weak, then it can be strengthened by the mother.
For example, if the kidney energy is weakened (osteoporosis, lower back complaints, rheumatism), then you treat Kidney meridian points. But you can also help the mother: You may select on the Kidney meridian the lung power point (metal point) K7!
You tonify (strengthen) the energy that feeds the water. Expressed differently: if the oxygen supply (mother, metal, lung) is amplified, then it strengthens the kidneys (child, water).
The same is true for the spleen (digestive, earth) by heart energy (fire), the heart (the blood circulation) is nourished by the liver energy (wood) etc.
Mother points strengthen the child energy.
Which points on each meridian are the corresponding element-points, therefor you can see menu item "Special", and there the keyword "Element points".
The mother-organ of the heart:
The heart belongs to the fire element. The mother of the fire-element is wood, thus the liver.
The liver belongs to the wood element. The mother of the wood is the water, thus the kidney.
Take exercise and continue in accordance ...
To remember better you can go through the process in reverse with the son-organ.