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New: Full-text search Here the full text of an entered keyword will be searched.
Of what body point (acupuncture point) I have read this or that before? Note the correct spelling (eg capital letters at the beginning etc.). Be creative in the search: for example, instead of "sore throat" just simply first "neck". Or for "tinnitus" use "ringing in the ears" or "ears". Or for "menstruation" and "menses" use "period", etc. Here you can also search for "approval point", "yuan" or other important point groups! ("bone master point", "acute point", "etc.)! The searched word, however, must have at least 3 characters, because the possibilities are too large. To then access the desired point, simply click on the corresponding line. If you can not find the desired point, then we recommend the symptom-search (menu item "symptoms"). And enter a keyword there.

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