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New: Quick Finder
If you immediately want to find a body point (for acupuncture, acupressure, massage, etc.), and know the symbol (eg, from a book, a list, a brochure, a website, etc.), then you can enter the short name below. (Also suitable for mobile phone)
Abbreviations mostly have one or two letters and a number next to it. For example K3, H7, Pe6, B10, etc.
However, not always the same abbreviations are used.
For example, P6 can also be written as Pe6. Or Bl as UB, or TW as TH or SJ etc.
New: To call a point with the Chinese name. For example baihui, thanzong, yongquan...
If you can not find a name, look down the list of letters or go to the top menu to Knowledge / Names and see there the names of the points. Or send us an email with your requested short name and we will add this letter combination to our list. Now you can enter below the abbreviation. Please mind the exact uppercase or lowercase.
Abbreviation (K3, SI5, H7... or baihui...)    GO (Find)    Location, Effects, Graphics

K or KD (Kidney)
H or Ht (Heart)
Lu (Lung)
SP (Spleen)
LV (Liver)
Pe or HP (Pericard)
Bl or UB (Bladder)
TW or SJ orTB (Shao Yang or Triple Burner) or TH
SI (Small Intestine)
LI (Large Intestine)
GB (Gallbladder)
St (Stomach)
CV (Conception Vessel or Ren Mai)
GV (Governor Vessel or Du Mai)