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Kopf vorn
pond of the wind fengchi  
next to G12 laterally, with skull border laterally, 2 cun beside earlobe (direction pituitary)
10-30 mm moxibustion possible



Psychology of body points together with Point Press can be obtained from step 2. on.
If you want to learn more about
1) Psychology
psychological effects of each single point
as well as
2) Point Press
for a)
acupressure, Tuina massage, shiatsu, etc.
for b)
easy and quick, but effective treatment
of individual body parts such as
head, neck, body, arms, legs, etc.,
you can book this additional knowledge for
only 2 Dollar monthly by clicking on this text.
Choose then step 2 and book it simply with Paypal.
Then you are also in the position to help quickly and efficiently with acupressure
in all physical and psychicological cases.
The retrieval of information is possible incidentally also via mobile phone.

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