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Akupunktur Nieren-Leitbahn Akupunkturpunkte Niere
1. Click below on a body part. 2. Click right next on a point (in the magnification). Then to the right you find all informations about location, western
and eastern point of view (TCM), psychology, and general informations about a meridian etc. (1 cun = 1 thumb width, 5 fingerwidths = 3 cun)
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Nieren-Meridian Nieren-Meridian
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A. You can get general informations about the above selected Meridian or B. an accurate information about the location and effects to a single point or C. on specific points such as alarm point, acute point etc.

A. Meridian effects in general:
Click above on 'General'

B. A single point
In order to get accurate informations about the location and effects click on a desired point:

1. Choose a Meridian
See above: select a meridian: kidney, liver, spleen, heart, lungs etc.

2. Then left in the whole-body diagram on a body region (eg, leg, arm, head or trunk)

3. Then click in the magnification to a point
In this information box will appear location and effects

4. Choose finally between western, TCM or psychology.
The corresponding effects of the point appear
according to a Western perspective,
an eastern point of view (TCM)
or from a psychological perspective

C. Alarm point, acute point, etc.
Where available at a Meridian, you can get by clicking below on an orange box line, location and effects of special factors to any meridian.

This allows you to help in acute cases, for example, immediately.

Very specific points, such as shu points, etc. however, for advanced users (see Online / Home) are assigned.
Select the body area by clicking on a body part (here: leg or body) and then click in the right enlarged image on a desired point.