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1. Click below on a body part. 2. Click right next on a point (in the magnification). Then to the right you find all informations about location, western
and eastern point of view (TCM), psychology, and general informations about a meridian etc. (1 cun = 1 thumb width, 5 fingerwidths = 3 cun)
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pubic bone henggu  
Just above the pubic bone, 0.5 cun next to the midline
5-20 mm moxibustion possible



relieves pain in the lower abdomen
irritable bladder
depressive moods
tension in the lower back
Impotence and frigidity
Urinary symptoms of any kind
Red eyes
Select the body area by clicking on a body part (here: leg or body) and then click in the right enlarged image on a desired point.