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1. Click below on a body part. 2. Click right next on a point (in the magnification). Then to the right you find all informations about location, western
and eastern point of view (TCM), psychology, and general informations about a meridian etc. (1 cun = 1 thumb width, 5 fingerwidths = 3 cun)
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Harmonizing Yuan points
soothe or invigorate
K3 beginning of the stream
Between the medial malleolus and achilles tendon in mid depression, 3-pointer clock-direction
Strengthens kidneys, essence, bone marrow, warms feet, helps with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, somnolence, tooth pain, impotence, menstrual disorders, rheumatism.
Alarm points
are under gentle pressure sensitive or painful.
G25 gateway of the capital
next to LE13, outside
with kidney problems, strengthens kidney, regulates bowel.
Acute points
have direct connections to particular organs or body areas. They therefore help for acute symptoms of individual organs (heart, gall bladder, stomach, intestines, etc.), N5 water source
K5 water source
1 cun below K3
Helps with period pains, cramps
Approval points
affect corresponding organs positively. In case of disorders they are painful to pressure. alarm points. They activate energy and blood and promote the health of the organs.
B23 influence point to the kidneys
below the second lumbar bone
0ften treated together with alarm point G25
Luo points
Luo-points improve the effect of the Yuan points. They are often used in practice.
B58 The receding Yang
Outer edge of the calf muscle
The kidney meridian is strengthened.
Master Points
are particularly effective concentration points of qi.
A special master point for the kidney does not exist.
At these points, the energy accumulates as a sea. A powerful energy comes from there directly to the inside of every organ. He-points
He-points are points of association between inside and outside of the body. At these points, the energy accumulates to a sea. A powerful energy comes from there directly to the inside of every organ.
K10 valley of Yin
Strengthens the kidney
Tonifying / sedatiing
Tonifying points are used in energy emptiness / weakness / weak function of organs and its meridian.Sedating points are used with energy abundance or over-function of an organ and its meridian. In the first case, energy is concentrated. In the second case power is discharged.
K7 / K1, K2
K7 concantrates kidney energy. Though K1 and K2 kidney energy can be discharged.
To the specific points, you can find a detailed representation above at the menu item "Knowledge" and "Special".
Select the body area by clicking on a body part (here: leg or body) and then click in the right enlarged image on a desired point.