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1. Click below on a body part. 2. Click right next on a point (in the magnification). Then to the right you find all informations about location, western
and eastern point of view (TCM), psychology, and general informations about a meridian etc. (1 cun = 1 thumb width, 5 fingerwidths = 3 cun)
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With the kidney meridian is the
Well-point K1
Well points cause a rapid change in the mood
Spring-point K2
Spring points, eliminate heat, reduce fever
Stream-point K3
Stream points help in case of joint pain and feelings of heaviness
River-point K7
River points to help in case of cough and hot and cold sensations
Sea-point K10
Sea points are reservoirs for a lot of qi to heal internal organs
Select the body area by clicking on a body part (here: leg or body) and then click in the right enlarged image on a desired point.