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Kidney - meridian - are there also psychological aspects?
Question Are there any mental imbalances, by which one can recognize a kidney deficiency?   Next

Yes, mentally seen is the kidney energy for the following positive features:

Willpower, ability to love, sexual desire, tenderness, passion, ability to reach orgasm
deep relaxation, restful sleep, regeneration, primal trust
healthy back meditation, strength of experience, inner peace, quiet-thinking, look carefully, look behind to the truth and judge in accord with, ask openly like a child, put aside prejudices, consider impartially, put away, what has not been proven, can integrate the new, continuously integrate all experiences , accept as true what reality is, solve yesterday's problems bravely, find support in oneself, perceive even the unconscious

A kidney weakness expresses itself as follows:

Druck, Starre, ewig gestrig, Angst (unbewußt abgewehrte Regungen, nicht hinschauen oder -hören, nicht auf sich selbst hören), kaum Aktivität, keinen Ausweg sehen, kein Ziel haben, keinen Sinn sehen, keine Konsequenzen aus dem gestern ziehen, Resignation, keine Gegen-Kraft haben, das Falsche nicht herausfiltern, auf der Stelle treten, Vorstellung nicht mit der Realität vergleichen, keinen eigenen Standpunkt haben, gestern nicht klären. Pressure, stiffness, forever yesterday's, fear (unconsciously repulsed emotions, do not look or listen, does not hear on oneself), hardly activity, no way out, have no aim, see no sense, pull out no consequences from yesterday, resignation, have no opposing force, does not filter out the wrong, does not go further, does not compare the image to the reality, has no own position, does not clear yesterday.