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Kidney - Meridian stands for what?
Question: What influence has the kidney energy to our health?
- For which areas of the body the kidney energy is responsible?
- What are the typical symptoms, if the kidney energy is weakened?

For the following areas of the body, the kidney energy is responsible:
Brain, spine, spinal cord, bone marrow, strong bones, healthy teeth, joints, good hearing, shiny hair, hair growth
Life force, primal force, essence (the inherited from the parents), premature aging, rheumatic symptoms, premature graying, poor memory
Water kidney: provides blood purification, formation of urine, mineral metabolism (sodium, potassium, magnesium), natural elimination of liquids, natural rule-making
Fire kidney: is responsible for hormone of adrenal gland (adrenaline), gonads (sex drive, sexuality), pancreas, thymus, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, pineal

Typical symptoms of weakened kidney energy are:
- Sensitivity to cold
- Lower back pain, weakness in lower back pain with efforts, intervertebral disc wear, osteoporosis, poor
  teeth, weak knee or ankle cuffs, joint pain, overstretched joints
- Evening fever, night sweats, hot soles
- Viscous, cloudy urine (Yin - deficiency), pale urine, abundant (Yang - deficiency)
- easily frightened, anxious, lack of will, dull, boring, fearful, shy, introverted
- Premature aging, rheumatic symptoms, hair loss, premature graying, old-age deafness
- Fluid retention (edema, bruising, or swelling)
- Urinary and kidney problems, period pains, prostate problems
- Dry tongue
- Poor circulation
- Anemia
- Clumsiness, lack of physical activity
- Dizziness, memory loss