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 Elements points support the respective element: water, earth, fire, wood, metal
(see practical example below).

Water points lie
inside the elbow (Lu5, Pe3, H3) and the knee region (LV8, Sp9, K10) or
outside of the finger ground joints (SI2, TW2, LI2) and the toe ground joints (B66, G43, St44).
They expel cold and wet (eg, cold legs, and especially Lu5 LV8, Sp9, K10).
Metal points lie
inside above the wrist (Lu8, Pe5, H4) and in the ankle area (Le4, Sp5, K7) or
outside at the fingertips (SI1, TW1, LI1) and on tiptoe (B67, G44, St45).
They are only related to the mother-son relationship important.
Earth points lie
inside wrist (Lu9, Pe7, H7) and in the middle foot (Be3, Sp3, K3) or
the outside of the elbow (SI8, TW10, LI11) and knee (B40, G34, St36).
They expel mucus and dampness (eg heavy legs, especially Pe7 (heart), Lu9 (lung), Sp3 and LV3 lead wetness out).
Fire points lie
inside in the center hand (Lu10, Pe8, H8) and toe aerea (Le2, Sp2, K2) or
the outside of the forearm (SI5, TW6, LI5) and the lower leg (B60, G38, St41).
They expel heat or fire (eg great unrest, H8 summer heat, Pe8 Heart Fire, Lu10 lung heat, LV2 liver fire, Sp2 fever, K2 empty heat).
Wood points lie
inside at the fingertips (Lu11, Pe9, H9) and next to the toenails (Le1, Sp1, K1) or
outside behind the ground finger joints (SI3, TW3, LI3) and back of the foot (B65, G41, St43).
They expel inner wind (eg, acute headaches, neck pain, especially SI3, K1, Sp1, Le1).
Example: The element point LI1 is a metal point.
The mother-to-point is LI11, an earth point. As a mother-point tonifies the son, LI1, thus strengthens the large intestine function.
(Example: A typical metal-problem (drought) is a sluggish digestion. The mother element (humidity) helps with digestion.
Mentally: a sadness, dejection (a metal complaint) is resolved by realism and reason of the earth element).

The son-point LI2 is the point that follows on LI1. As the son-point sedates (calms) LI1, and thus the colon function
(Example: A cramp like an intestinal colic must be "cooled", that happens by the water element.)

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