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 Alarm points
 Alarm points are sensitive with light pressure or painful..
CV3 collection point area 4 cun below the navel
Bladder problems, menstrual disorders.
CV4 The first pass 4 fingers below the navel
Small bowel disorders, menstrual complaints.
CV5/CV7 The stone gate /connecting of the Yin-Meridians 3 fingers/1 cun below the navel
Digestion, metabolism.
CV12 collection point stomach 4 cun above the navel
Stomach discomfort, digestion problems.
CV14 collection point pericardium 2 cun below the xiphoid process
Cardiac disorders, respiratory problems.
G24 sun and moon 7th Intercostal space
Gallbladder complaints, fat intolerance.
LV14 Door of Hope 6th Intercostal space
Liver dysfunction, inflated belly, indigestion.
LV13 Decorated door before the end of the last rib
Spleen symptoms, anxiety feelings.
St25 Celestial Center 2 cun beside navel
Colon disorders, puffiness.
G25 gateway of the capital next to LV13, outside
Kidney problems, strengthens kidney, regulates bowel.
Pe1 pond of the sky 1 cun beside nipple
Circulatory problems, blood pressure, heart trouble too high / too low.
Lu1 residence of the middle 1 cun below the collarbone
Lung disorders, respiratory problems, depression.