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Hand    Foot Harmonizing yuan - balancing points of the hand
 Yuan points calm or invigorate
Lu9 Large water throat in the wrist crease in front of the thumb into the top groove
Dryness will be moistened, mucus converted and diverted, stopps coughing, cools heat. Affects all blood vessels. With cold hands, weak voice, respiratory symptoms. Strengthens lungs and spleen.
Pe7 Big Hill on the wrist crease, between the central tendons
Soothes, cools heat, harmonizes the stomach, helps in exam anxiety, anxiety feelings, insomnia. One accepts the reality.
H7 Large water gullet in the wrist crease in front of the thumb into the top groove
Large, calming effect. Too much stress is relieved. ("Too much Yang is broken"). Energy storage is resolved, heart energy calms down. Depression and anxiety disappear.
SI4 wrist bone still on the side of the hand in front of the carpal bones in a recess..
Helps Arthtitis in the hand and fingers, as well as with head, neck, shoulder and flank pain. Also good for constipation, diarrhea, reduces fever, helps with overdrive.
TW4 pond of Yang in recess from the center of the outer wrist gap
Helps with hand and arm - pain. But even with period pains, nerve weakness due to lack of sleep, hot flashes, mood swings. Even in diabetes.
LI4 United valleys close to the highest mountain muscle before the index finger bone
One of the main points of all: Helps with all pain of head, teeth, back, stomach. In addition, fatigue, colds, fever, irregular period, stiff neck, rash, acne, insomnia, dizziness, restlessness ... A real "super point" that is used most frequently.